GCPC 2023

Welcome to the website for German Collegiate Programming Contest 2023. GCPC 2023 is organised by CPUlm.

The contest will take place on June 17, 2023.

Teams can register here, starting June 01, 2023.

We are still accepting registrations for contest sites. For more information on what it entails to host a contest site, please refer to this page. If you are interested in hosting a contest site but have not yet received instructions on how to register a contest site, please reach out to us (in German or English) at contact@gcpc.nwerc.eu!

Note that there is a mailing list for all German coaches, contest site organisers, and problem authors. If you plan on hosting a contest site, or otherwise getting involved in the organisation of this (or the next) contest and are not yet on the list, let us know if you would like to join!


Competitive Programming Ulm
AltaSigma GmbH
Thank you to AltaSigma GmbH, who kindly sponsored the infrastructure the contest judge runs on.

Want to become a partner?
Reach out to us (in German or English) at contact@gcpc.nwerc.eu!