Frequently Asked Questions

Participating in the Contest

Will there be an extended contest?

We intend to host an extended contest. Further details will be announced later.

Can I participate from home? Do I have to go to a contest site?

If you want to compete in the contest, you have to go to a contest site and participate onsite. Out of competition participants are free to choose between online participation from anywhere they may choose and onsite participation at a contest site.

If you register your team for out of competition participation, you are free to specify a contest site or leave it blank. If you intend to go to a contest site, you have to specify this during registration, otherwise there may not be a spot available for you to compete onsite.

Do we all get the same computers?

We cannot ensure this. The computer you can use during the contest will be provided by your local contest site organiser. This means that usually you will use the infrastructure available at the university where you participate. Nonetheless, all submissions will be judged under the same conditions by our judging system.

Will software xy be available during the contest?

This is up to your local contest site organiser. We do not have any influence on it. Every contest site organiser should provide common editors and compilers. If you really want to have something specific, kindly ask your local contest site organiser in advance.

I did not receive a link to verify my e-mail address, what should I do now?

If you are participating in a team and some of your teammates were able to verify their e-mail address, there is nothing to worry about. We will send the same information to all team members, so it should suffice if one of the team members receives our e-mails.

If no one of your team members received any e-mail from us, you should probably reach out to us (in German or English) at Teams planning to compete onsite, however, should be able to compete even without being able to receive any e-mail from us, as judge credentials for the contest will be handed out to you in person at the contest site.

Hosting a Contestsite

Is it possible to organise a contestsite and to participate at the same time?

Every person having access to the problem set, solutions to the problems, jury accounts on the domjudge, or something else that might give them an advantage, which normal participants do not have, is not allowed to compete in the contest. However, anyone is free to participate out-of-competition.

Competing participants are allowed to help with the organisation of a contest site, handling all tasks that are not related to the problem set or enforcing the rules (e.g. making room reservations, organising food, etc.).

Call for Problems

Is it possible to participate in the jury without submitting a candidate problem?

Yes, if you would like to participate in preparing the final contest problem set, please reach out to us (in German or English) at!

Can I submit a candidate problem if I am not available to join the jury?

Yes, however, we would appreciate if you could notify us of this along with your submission.


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